The story begins!

The Discovery Science and Technology Centre in Bendigo is a very special place. An innovative, fun science centre housed in a venerable building, Discovery aims to inspire scientific curiosity and does this many ways, from rides on the Vertical Slide to Planetarium sessions, interactive exhibits to sleepovers.

However, right now, Discovery is facing a challenge. Later this week, Discovery will be launching a crowdfunding campaign called – you guessed it! – Save Discovery. Between contributions from government, business and corporate sponsors, and what we as a community can chip in, Discovery will triumph and continue to thrill, enthrall and entertain.

This blog will tell the story of the crowdfunding campaign, which will be starting later this week. You can support the campaign not only by chipping in financially, but by spreading the word; and one way of doing that is to follow this blog and share stories with your family, friends, neighbours, neighbours’ cats…!

The campaign hasn’t launched yet, but when it will, you’ll be able to find information about it here – and more! For example, do you have a Discovery story or memory? Is there an exhibit you really love? Do you remember a Discovery personality from sometime in the Centre’s almost 20 year history?

Perhaps your story could become part of this blog, and part of what will help us Save Discovery.

The story begins!

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