And we’re OFF!

The save Discovery campaign has begun

I am so excited to announce that the Save Discovery crowdfunding campaign has been launched! You can view the campaign here.

In recent years, I’ve become a huge fan of crowdfunding. I see a few small but very significant differences between crowdfunding and traditional fundraising methods.

Unless you’re really lucky and have a supporter with deep pockets, all fundraising efforts source money from a number of people; but crowdfunding can bring those people together to form a loose-knit community based around the campaign page, who can comment on the campaign, make suggestions, and even interact with each other.

Traditional fundraisers may or may not offer “rewards” or “perks” to contributors, but crowdfunding campaigns do. I like this entrepreneurial aspect of crowdfunding: the campaign creator has to demonstrate their capacity to do something; who wants to invest in a lame duck? Of course, contributors don’t have to select a reward and can simply contribute money. That’s another lovely thing about crowdfunding: flexibility!

A third thing I absolutely love about crowdfunding is how any supporter, at any time, can see how the campaign is faring. There’s absolute transparency as to the amount raised: anyone can check out the campaign page and see that magic dollar amount. I know that traditional fundraisers have addressed this issue in various ways (think of those large red thermometers outside a school or a church!) but with crowdfunding the feedback is instantaneous.

This will be particularly important during our crowdfunding campaign. It’s really important that Discovery reaches its target by the end of July. If everyone who signed the Save Discovery petition chipped in $10, then we’d reach that target easily! But $10 won’t get you some of the wonderful rewards on offer: a family membership, gift certificates, a day out in Bendigo … which one tickles your fancy?

Here’s the link again:

Other ways you can support the Save Discovery campaign include:

  • following @saveDiscovery on Twitter, and retweeting us
  • liking the Save Discovery Facebook page, and sharing posts
  • using #saveDiscovery across all social media platforms (wouldn’t it be great if we trended?!)
  • subscribing to this blog
  • sharing posts from this blog with your friends, family and strangers you pass on the street!

Boy on Vertical Slide at Discovery

And we’re OFF!

8 thoughts on “And we’re OFF!

  1. Emily says:

    Not a complaint, just an FYI – the link to the crowd fund project isn’t hyperlinked, so you can’t click on it. Must copy and paste.


    1. Thanks so much! I did provide a hyperlinked one at the top of the article, but know some people prefer a text version they can cut-and-paste to share with others. I’ll modify that now. Thanks again!


    1. Hi again Adam!
      As I’m sure you can imagine, there’s a team of us running the Save Discovery campaign. I’ve just heard back from the Chuffed project creator, and at this stage, our Chuffed campaign can’t accept PayPal, though that may change in the near future.
      Please keep your questions coming – I love to answer them!


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