Science centres: They’re important

If you look at Save Discovery’s Instagram account, you’ll see a spreading sea of smiling faces. Discovery is obviously a place which gives people joy, and that may be reason enough to preserve it; however, I believe there are other, equally important motivators.

We’re living during a time when the state of science education in Australia is being debated (again). Experts discuss whether science needs to be marketed better to high school students, and talk about science needing an “image overhaul” so kids in year 10 choose science subjects in years 11 and 12.

All this is good, and important: Australia needs to be producing smart, innovative scientists to continue our legacy of invention and to ensure we’re abreast of technological changes as they occur. However, have you noticed how the strategies discussed are all school based?

Schools have a clear and important role to play in helping Australia stay the clever country, but in my opinion the work needs to be broader: schools and community institutions, classrooms and theatres, teachers and entertainers, commentators, comedians, hairdressers, carpenters…!

Bendigo has a precious resource in Discovery. Let’s not let it slip away.

What can I do? 

If you could like to take an active part in the campaign to #saveDiscovery, please consider:

  • Support our crowd funding campaign!  There are great rewards/perks available like family memberships (if you’re not already a member!), private Vertical Slide sessions or even a liquid nitrogen birthday party!
  • Buy a membership – all money raised through membership will go to the new management of Discovery.  You can pledge to buy a membership on the crowdfunding site OR you can buy one right now by visiting Discovery.
  • Get involved with social media!

You can also follow this blog, and share posts.

Coming tomorrow:

A special guest post by a young Bendigo resident!

Family holding saveDiscovery sign

Science centres: They’re important

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