A sea of happy faces

I had a vision of a sea of happy faces standing in front of Discovery exhibits, holding up a #saveDiscovery sign with the crowdfunding campaign URL beneath.

You can see this sea slowly spreading across social media right now!

Check out the Save Discovery Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account.

If you’d like to be part of this ocean of support for Discovery, why not head down to the Centre? (If you’d like to help in other ways, continue reading below the picture.)

Here’s just one example to whet your appetite:

Girl holding #saveDiscovery sign


If you could like to take an active part in the campaign to #saveDiscovery, please consider:

  • Support our crowd funding campaign!  There are great rewards/perks available like family memberships (if you’re not already a member!), private Vertical Slide sessions or even a liquid nitrogen birthday party!
  • Buy a membership – all money raised through membership will go to the new management of Discovery.  You can pledge to buy a membership on the crowdfunding site OR you can buy one right now by visiting Discovery.
  • Get involved with social media!

You can also follow this blog, and share posts.

A sea of happy faces

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