Guest Post: Brandon Hocking

Today, Save Discovery is proud to bring you the first of our guest blog posts. Enjoy!

Brandon holding a #saveDiscovery sign

Hi my name is Brandon.  I’m 14 years of age and I’m in year 8 at Bendigo South East College. Last year I was part of a project at Discovery to learn about maths.  We made a show called “Dimensional” that looked at geometry. We learned about shapes and angles and other geometry.  It was really fun and interesting doing all the activities to make the show, and then I got to be part of the show and come on stage and illustrate some stuff about angles.

We did the show to help kids learn about shapes and angles in an interesting way. Because it’s fun and interesting they don’t even realise they’re learning stuff.  I think it was really fun for the audience, but it was just as much fun for me and my friends to be part of the show. I felt happy and proud that I could do that [be part of the show].  My cousin came along, and my aunty, and my Mum and Dad and they all really liked it.

It helped me get into Bendigo and help out and volunteer.  After that project I came and volunteered at Discovery during the school holidays.  One of the activities was making marble runs: you had to try and make a marble run down a wall using pieces that join up and fit together to make a path. My job was to help visitors have a go of the marble runs.  At first people were really shy but then you’d start and they would really get into it and enjoy it and they stayed for an hour or so.

Through being part of Dimensional and volunteering at Discovery I can understand how Discovery can motivate kids to learn about science and technology and how things work.  There’s lots of things at Discovery like this, and since I have been at the Discovery Centre I have learnt heaps of stuff too, not just about maths, but about electricity and how electricity flows and things like that.

My mum was saying we don’t have many things in Bendigo like this, so I hope that Discovery is saved so that younger kids can come and learn about science and technology.  There’s lots of exhibits around the centre.  I like the racing car exhibit.  I like the vertical slide, even though I’ve never been on it!  It’s different to a normal slide – it’s massive and it drops straight down.  All the kids love it.

I hope that the Discovery stays open for the next generation of kids.

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Guest Post: Brandon Hocking

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