ECSITE 2015 – food for curious minds (day 2)

Events like this show the utility of science centres like Bendigo’s Discovery.

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ECSITE Sustainability wallThe ECSITE conference which was held in the beautiful MUSE museum in Trento, Italy is the annual gathering of the practitioners and researchers in the area of science museums and science centres. I attended two of the three days of the conference. The notes below are from some of the sessions that I joined, learning about what are the issues that concern science museums and galleries. I find it fascinating to attend conferences of disciplines that I’m not familiar with – spending my time listening and learning about what are their concerns, plans, issues and ways of thinking and working. The theme ‘food for curious minds’ clearly worked for me.

The Social Inclusion workshop explored personal experiences of practitioners with the project of engagement. The session asked ‘Social inclusion – A fashionable trend? The fundamental question is: why do we want to be inclusive? Are we missing someone or do we think “they”…

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ECSITE 2015 – food for curious minds (day 2)

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