Education outside the capitals

Although the gap is narrowing, ABS statistics show that there are significant differences between the education standards of those who live in Australian capitals versus those who live elsewhere.

For example:

  • fewer people living outside a capital city have gone on to education beyond school, and
  • fewer have achieved a Bachelor degree, or higher
  • people aged 15-19 years who live in a capital city are more likely to be engaged with any sort of educational institution than their non-capital contemporaries
  • the further you live away from a capital city, the less likely you are to complete Year 12
  • indigenous people, overall, are less likely to be engaged in formal education, and the level of disengagement increases the more remote their home is.

Bendigo has a longstanding tradition as a centre of education. With respected institutions and innovative educators aplenty, Bendigo can hold its head high among major regional cities.

The Discovery Science and Technology Centre is another, unique part of Bendigo’s educational landscape. With its broad appeal (check out all these happy faces snapped at Discovery recently!) and its focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths, concepts which are so vital to Australia’s success in the 21st century) Discovery is a truly valuable component in Bendigo’s educational ecosystem.

As you may have heard, Discovery needs to raise $30,000.00 by the end of July to remain open. We have already reached 25% of that target, which is just wonderful! We’re overjoyed to have received this support from the Bendigo community. However, we now need continued support to ensure we reach our goal.

If you’d like to help us #saveDiscovery, this post contains a list of actions you can take – and yes, there’s plenty we can all do, even if we’ve made a contribution!

And if you have been meaning to make a contribution but haven’t yet done so, click here. Be part of something historic, and help us keep this precious centre in Bendigo.

Happy boy holding save Discovery sign

Education outside the capitals

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