Crowdfunding is not for the faint-hearted!

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? You have a cause you believe in; plenty of other people have told you they’ll chip in; you’ll set up the website, hit “launch”, and – voila! You’ll have the money to do what needs to be done.

If only! The crowdfunding process is rarely so simple.

Some people find it difficult to define their cause in a manner which resonates with the public. Sometimes rewards are difficult to source, or the vision of a campaign video you have in your head doesn’t translate well to screen.

And then there’s the waiting.

The team behind the #saveDiscovery crowdfunding campaign crafted a great campaign, created an awesome video and have amassed tempting rewards (check out the new Science of Chocolate event!) – but still there’s the waiting.

  • The campaign site is top of your most-visited list.
  • You find yourself staring at the Total Amount Raised figure, willing it to click over.
  • Your browser asks if you’d like to make “” your home page, because you’ve been spending so much time there lately.
  • You don’t sleep; or, if you do sleep, large green digits showing the amount pledged so far stalk your dreams. (Want to know what those digits look like? Click here to see for yourself!)
  • You become really, really good at subtracting amounts from $30,000 to see how much more you need to raise.

Sometimes you feel hope: surely, surely we will reach our goal!

Sometimes you feel despair: why did you embark on this journey in the first place?

Sometimes you experience a flash of elation: another pledge! Huzzah!

However, when it comes down to it, crowdfunding is all about the waiting. Actually, that’s not quite right: it’s about the waiting, and your connections.

Let’s face it, if organizations could spend large amounts of money on an advertising campaign, they probably wouldn’t – or perhaps even shouldn’t! – be crowdfunding. Almost by definition, crowdfunders don’t have a lot of cash to splash on reaching their potential audience. This is where personal connections can be so important: not only the connections of the people running the campaign, but the connections of those other people who also believe in it.

The people working on the #saveDiscovery campaign have reached out to Discovery visitors, well-wishers who supplied their details, people who follow Discovery and Save Discovery online, and those who’ve seen, read or heard interviews with key people in the media, and will continue to do so. I guess those are the “one degree of separation” audience.

What would be really wonderful is if our “one degree of separation” folk could reach out to their connections: share their passion for Discovery, tell friends and family about the awesome rewards on offer, explain how a pledge as small as $5 could mean the difference between saving Discovery … or the alternative.

Well, that’s my ten cents’ worth for today. I’m just going to head over to the campaign website and stare at those green digits for a while. Beautiful green digits … scary green digits … please move … green digits … (see you when I emerge from my trance!)

Another save Discovery pic

Crowdfunding is not for the faint-hearted!

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