Those big, green digits

I’ve been staring at these big, green digits for the past 24 hours, willing them to click over $15k (the halfway mark), and they’ve stubbornly refused to do so.

Oh, you don’t know which big, green digits I’m referring to? These ones:

Save Discovery big green digits

Yes, I mean those figures in the top right hand corner of the screenshot, that say how much money has been pledged to the campaign so far. They’re on my computer screen. They’re in my dreams. They dance before my eyes. They’re everywhere!

Remember how I mentioned the emotions involved in crowdfunding? Upon reflection, I neglected one very important emotional emotional state: heartache.

I don’t know anyone who’s started a crowdfunding campaign who hasn’t truly, deeply cared about the outcome. I’ve met people who’ve crowdfunded films, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, clothes, social enterprises, events, small business expansion, charitable works, sanitary pads, stationery, and even fashion shows. (For people with intellectual disability, from outback Australia.) What I saw in each of these project creators was a willingness not only to put time and effort into their campaigns, but also to put their heart on the line.

I guess this is how I feel about the #saveDiscovery campaign. I really care about whether Discovery stays open or not! – and I know the $30,000 we’re raising is necessary for that to occur.

I know I’m not the only person who cares passionately about whether Discovery continues to operate or not. If you care, too, there are many things you can do; and one of the most important of those things is to contribute to our campaign.

OK, enough spruiking already! It’s time to get on with my day job. But I’ll just take one more peek at those big, green digits … oh. No movement since last time.

Remind me: why we do this to ourselves? To Save Discovery, of course!

[Editor’s note: If we do get over the $15k mark in the next little while, it will be a huge achievement; we’re only 11 days into a month-long campaign, so to achieve 50% of the target this early would be remarkable!]

Those big, green digits

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